Compliance Bookkeeping is a boutique bookkeeping agency with a keen focus on helping people grow financially healthy, sustainable businesses.

Established in 2001, we have a unique hybrid of bookkeeping skills, and business growth advice to help you streamline your financial systems, grow your profits, all the while keeping the tax man happy!

Allan Vermeylen, principal

Allan has a passion for creating solid financial foundations for small and medium sized businesses.

“No matter how passionate you are about what you do, being in business is about money – there is nothing noble about going broke. People who gets the money right are able to achieve the things that are really important to them.”

Donna Vermeylen, senior bookkeeper

Donna’s attention to detail means beautifully reconciled accounts every time. She has extensive experience across both the public and private sector in bookkeeping, HR and ISO 9001 Quality Assurance.

“I get huge satisfaction from working with businesses who understand the real value in having structure in their accounting, record keeping and HR practices and seeing the positive impact that can have across an organisation, no matter what size they are.”

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