There is no worse feeling than not knowing what is really happening in your business because you’ve fallen behind. Often your imagination can make it so much worse than it really is. And nothing is more reassuring than handing the whole headache over and having someone else sort it out for you.

Compliance Bookkeeping will assess the work and quickly start putting things right by reconciling all the required accounts.

Get Right requires the active participation and assistance of the business owner, to clarify any anomalies, and provide required documentation and information.

At the same time we ensure the current accounts are kept up to date.

In conjunction with your accountant we make sure all compliance requirements are fully met, and all documents lodged with the correct authorities.

As part of the GET RIGHT process we put into place all the steps necessary to stabilize the company account keeping processes with our STAY RIGHT package.

We move you as quickly as possible from GET RIGHT to STAY RiGHT so the situation doesn’t recur. The last thing anyone needs is attention from the ATO!

We can:

  • Conduct an assessment of works to be updated
  • Create a schedule of works to reach current reporting period
  • Do a reconciliation of all transaction accounts
  • Prepare & lodge of all statutory documents to current period
  • Setup a structured document management process
  • Set guidelines for best practice management
  • Liaise with company accountant
  • Define and create a budget for the business (Optional, highly recommended)
  • Schedule you to reach “STAY RIGHT” stage

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